Benefits of Installing Open Shelves in Your Kitchen

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Benefits of Installing Open Shelves in Your Kitchen

23 August 2022
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If you're renovating your kitchen, you may want to give it a personalised look. You may not want to only install cupboards and other components that you feel like you've seen many times before. However, how can you create a unique look? One way to achieve this is to install open shelves. They provide other benefits too, as explained below.

Provides a Sense of Space

Open shelves can make your kitchen appear bigger. They're much shallower than bulky upper cabinets that protrude a good distance from the wall. Shelves let you see the wall behind it, so you can appreciate the full room proportions. On the other hand, upper cupboards visually pull the wall closer by forming an opaque barrier. For a more airy feeling, you could use glass shelving. They barely block the vision at all.


Shelves are also convenient as you can easily see where everything is stored. You don't have to hunt for items in dark cupboards. Additionally, if you've got both hands full with a pile of freshly washed dinner plates, you can simply put them where they belong on the shelf. You don't need a spare hand to open a cupboard door.

Of course, you're obliged to be somewhat neat if the crockery and mugs are visible. Open shelves can provide the perfect incentive if tidiness is not your strong point.

Adds Character

Installing open shelves adds character to a kitchen. First, you can choose a stunning material such as timber. Because shelves are such a simple design of a flat piece of wood, they show off their tones and grains to the fullest. The nature of the timber also stands out strongly as it's contrasted against the wall.

You can create plenty of different looks by the way you fix the shelves. For example, you could use black-painted old plumbing pipes to secure the shelves, giving them an industrial vibe. You can also use other shelving materials, such as glass.

Functions Like a Display Area

Open shelves provide the perfect display area that's not blocked by a glass door front. So you can clearly show off beautiful pottery or glasses. You can also place interesting items on the shelves, such as vintage kitchen scales.


Because shelves are a simple construction project, they're easy to customise. You could build a long shelf that runs along a wall. You can fit two or three shelves above each other. You can be creative and construct them however you wish. For example, say your kitchen has a breakfast nook with a corner bench seat. High on the wall corner, you could fit a wide and sturdy shelf and line it with books to create a homey ambience during your kitchen renovations.

For more kitchen renovation tips, reach out to a local contractor.