Two Tips for Those Who’ll Be Remodelling Their Small Bathrooms

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Two Tips for Those Who’ll Be Remodelling Their Small Bathrooms

10 March 2023
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Here are two tips for those who plan to remodel their small bathrooms.

They should ensure that most of their bathroom accessories are wall-mounted

Where possible, people in this situation should try to get their contractors to mount most or all of their bathroom accessories to their bathrooms' walls. This might include not only the towel rails and toilet tissue holder, but also the soap drainer or handwash holder, the toilet brush holder, the toothbrush cup and the potpourri bowl.

The reason for this is that when a person uses a small bathroom, it can be very easy for them to knock over several bathroom accessories, due to there not being enough space for the person to keep their distance from these items when, for example, they're turning from the shower to the sink or when they're reaching out to grab a tissue. This can not only be a frustrating experience for the person but might also result in them breaking the items that get knocked over, and then having to clean up the mess and replace the broken objects. If however, most of a remodelled bathroom's accessories are secured to its walls, it will be almost impossible for anyone to knock them to the floor, even if they bump into them in this small space.

They should opt for multifunctional accessories

Where possible, those who'll be having contractors remodel their small bathrooms should choose multifunctional accessories. For example, rather than purchasing a standard toilet roll holder to mount to the bathroom wall, they might want to get one that comes with a little shelf attached to the top of it. Those who then use the bathroom could put, for example, their phone or their small purse on this little shelf, instead of having to put them on the floor. Similarly, rather than getting a standard towel rail, a person in this situation might want to get one that has shelving units above it, on which they could stack spare towels, toiletries and toilet tissue. This type of accessory is ideal for a small bathroom, where there might not be enough space for a separate, freestanding cabinet in addition to the towel rail, as this item would make use of the room's vertical space instead of its floor space.

Lastly, if a person who's remodelling their small bathroom is frustrated by the fact that they don't have room for purely decorative items that will add some personality to the room, they should ensure that they select at least one bathroom accessory which, in addition to being practical, can also serve the function of adding beauty to this space. For example, if they need a shower curtain, they might want to opt for a high-end one with a very colourful and artistic pattern or image printed on it.

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