Custom Cabinetry Ideas to Consider for a Kitchen Renovation

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Custom Cabinetry Ideas to Consider for a Kitchen Renovation

30 June 2023
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The kitchen component that takes up most of the floor area is the cabinetry, so it should be as functional and attractive as possible. For the ultimate flexibility, you can opt for custom cupboards. Here are several ideas and ways this can help.

Maximising Storage

If you go with custom cabinetry, you can tailor it to suit your needs exactly. You can work out the best shapes and sizes of cupboards for the floor space and put them where they'll be most functional.

If you have stuff that you need to store but do not access often, you can build cabinets to the ceiling and put those items in the top spaces. Or else, you can opt for shallow cupboards that leave extra floor area.

Additionally, you can customise the storage to suit how you cook and use the kitchen. For example, if you prepare massive meals for many people, you could add extra cupboards for pots and pans. If you do a lot of baking, add a cabinet to hold mixers and other appliances. You can also construct a cupboard dedicated to holding baking trays vertically so they're easy to reach.

A combination of cabinets and drawers can be the best solution. Drawers for the lower storage areas are more space-efficient than cupboards, coming in various depths and thus not wasting vertical area. Additionally, drawers provide better access, as you can look down on them from above and quickly see and reach the back items.

Adding Visual Interest

Custom cabinetry also lets you decorate the cabinets however you wish. A wall of cupboards can look monotonous, but you can break it up with contrasting materials and colours. For example, install upper cabinets with glass doors that have a lighter feel than opaque ones, which naturally close off space and thus feel heavier. You can contrast cupboards with duotones, reserving a dark grey or navy for the lower cabinets and white for the ones higher on the walls.

A kitchen island provides more ways to break up the cupboards. You can make the island and lower periphery cabinets have the same hue, such as blue, and fit grey upper cupboards. Or else you can make the island a standout by fitting it with lime green cupboards and leaving all the other high and low cabinets in white. An unusual material, such as distressed timber full of knots and faults, can be used on islands, adding unique detail to custom kitchens. 

For more info about custom kitchens, contact a local company.