4 Design Trends You Might Like To Consider For Your Bathroom Remodelling Project

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4 Design Trends You Might Like To Consider For Your Bathroom Remodelling Project

1 August 2017
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If you're remodelling your bathroom, then you may be interested in incorporating some contemporary features and materials into the design. Modern bathroom trends focus on elegance, quality and contrasting tones and textures. Here are four stunning and contemporary bathroom products that you might like to include in your bathroom renovation project.

1. Matte black features

Darker palettes are a big trend in all areas of interior design right now and this includes bathrooms. Matte black can be used in the bathroom on cabinets, walls and even plumbing fixtures. If black is too dark for your tastes, dark greys and navy blue with a matte finish are also colours that are in vogue.

2. Raw metal finishes

Another big trend is introducing raw metal finishes to the bathroom. These have replaced high-gloss chrome as the metal look of choice in modern interiors. Copper, brass and gold with a raw and aged look will add style and glamour to your bathroom remodelling project. You can use the real thing or opt for products such as basins, baths and tapware that's been given an aged metal coating.

3. Mixed materials

One of the key features of contemporary bathrooms is mixing up the materials that you choose for different bathroom products and features. Your dark matte palette and use of raw metallic finishes can be layered with other colours and materials to create a textural and multi-faceted look. High gloss materials such as glass, polished stone, mirrored surfaces and splashes of bright colour will complement and contrast with the dominant features of the room.

4. Free-standing bath tub

Free-standing bath tubs have been a desirable bathroom feature for a number of years now and the trend isn't showing any signs of declining. Free-standing tubs add an element of opulence and drama to your bathroom and act as a striking focal point in the room.

Free-standing bath tubs come in a wide selection of shapes and styles. You can also opt for a traditional ceramic finish or add more impact with an eye-catching bath using volcanic stone, a raw metal finish or even polished concrete.

Adding one or all of these design ideas into your bathroom remodelling project will help to create a stylish and contemporary space that is a joy to spend time in. If you need help to put the different products and styles together into a cohesive and attractive look, then contact your local bathroom product supplier to get some expert advice and design ideas.