3 Vital Elements To Include In Designing A beautiful Minimalist Kitchen

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3 Vital Elements To Include In Designing A beautiful Minimalist Kitchen

14 August 2017
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Trends in kitchen design are constantly changing and evolving. However, some styles remain eternally desirable and exist above the fickle nature of fashion in the interior design world. One of these classic and timeless styles is minimalism. Minimalism has been around for decades but it's becoming an increasingly popular choice in recent years as more and more people are shunning the idea of needless opulence and the over-cluttering of living spaces.

A minimalist kitchen isn't simply one that is featureless, colourless and bland. This style is all about clean lines, simple materials and exquisite workmanship that provides enough beauty in the small details to not require highly decorative features to dress it up. If you're hoping to achieve the minimalist look in your kitchen, then here are three vital elements you'll need to incorporate.

1. The services of a professional joiner

One of the main features of minimalist design is the use of simple yet impeccable built cabinetry and other timber features. It demands joinery that is precise, clean and crafted in such a way that it can be completely visible and doesn't need to be disguised with paint or other finishes that are used to hide less than immaculate workmanship.

This quality of work for your cabinetry can only be achieved by using the services of a professional joiner. They have highly specialised and finely honed skills, which surpass the abilities of a regular carpenter.

2. Ample storage space

In minimalist design, the phrase 'everything in its place and a place for everything' is taken literally. This means that your kitchen will need to have sufficient storage for every item you own in order to keep your surfaces free from clutter and items that will disrupt the clean lines and simple beauty of the style.

This is another area where your professional joiner will be your best friend. They can design and construct your cabinetry and storage areas to provide you with storage that is seamlessly hidden, easy to access and designed to house everything from your rubbish bin to your fridge.

3. A minimalist palette

As a rule, a minimalist kitchen should adhere to a predominantly neutral, monochromatic palette that uses timber, white, black and grey for the primary features. This doesn't have to be boring and dull; you can create elegant beauty with subtle variations in the tones that you choose while still sticking to the overarching minimalist aesthetic.

Of course, rules are made to be broken, so you can add some accents of colour and still have a kitchen that you can call minimalist. Adding in items such as a sculptural house plant, some shiny brass fittings or an ornate light shade can add just a hint of rebellion and personality to your minimalist kitchen without compromising on the overall effect.