Why Marble Should Be Integrated Into Your New Kitchen

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Why Marble Should Be Integrated Into Your New Kitchen

25 October 2017
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When planning a kitchen remodel, your choice of materials would be one of the significant decisions to make. Not only do the materials define how functional your new kitchen will be, but they also in part dictate the cost of the entire remodel. Thus, some individuals may gravitate toward inexpensive options as they assume this will work out for the long term. But if you would like your new kitchen to be appealing, it may be best to consider investing in premium materials such as marble. The following are several reasons why marble should be integrated into your new kitchen.

Marble is surprisingly pocket-friendly

Inarguably, marble as garnered a reputation of being exorbitantly priced, which would make homeowners on a modest budget assume this material would be out of financial reach for them. However, the truth of the matter is that there has been an increase in budget-friendly options that you could choose that allow you to inject the sophistication of marble into your home without having to contend with a high sticker price. One of the types of marble that are deemed a more affordable alternative is Carrara. This kind of marble tends to be economically priced because it has a distinctive dark shade while the more popular varieties are distinctly white. Secondly, if you limit the area which you will install the marble, you will find it is much more affordable than if you chose it as a primary material for large spaces such as flooring.

Marble is easy to keep attractive

Another reason that marble has acquired a bad rap over the years is the propagation of the idea that it requires intensive maintenance for it to retain its lustre. The surface of marble does have a proclivity for etching. However, this type of cosmetic damage can easily be kept at bay by ensuring your marble is professionally sealed on a routine schedule. The sealing is especially crucial if you plan to use them marble as countertops. Other than that, you should ensure that you do not chop items directly on the marble to prevent undue scratches as well as refrain from placing hot objects directly on the marble. If these measures are adhered to, your marble is bound to last a lifetime.

Marble is versatile

If you are looking to create an entirely new appearance for your kitchen, marble would be a versatile material to consider. Despite being a staple for benchtop materials, you can install marble anywhere you like to add a unique creative edge to the space. For instance, incorporating a contrasting colour of marble to with your splashbacks will lend visual interest to your walls.

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