3 Considerations Before Starting DIY Bathroom Renovations

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3 Considerations Before Starting DIY Bathroom Renovations

20 November 2017
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Have you considered executing a bathroom renovation project on your own? Below are some important activities that you should have in mind when you consider undertaking such a project.


Some demolition work is likely to be required at the start of the bathroom renovation project. The extent of the demolition work will depend on the scope of the remodeling that you want to do. For example, you may need to demolish a wall to make the bathroom larger. It may also be necessary for you to strip your bathroom by removing all the tiles, the bath and the vanity. You need to assess whether you have the skills, tools and the time needed to perform these demolition activities. Consult a professional in case you are not sure about your ability to perform those tasks.

Electrical Services

It is also helpful for you to think about what you intend to do with the different electrical services within the bathroom. For example, will the power outlets remain where they are currently located? Do you wish to change the position of the lights? Are you only interested in replacing the existing switches? The specific plans that you have for the electrical services will determine whether it is prudent for you to hire a professional or perform the needed renovation on your own. For example, you can opt for a DIY bathroom renovation in case you will simply replace what is existing with better versions. Alternatively, you can hire professionals in case you intend to shift the electrical components to new locations.

Carpentry and Plumbing Work

Bathroom renovations usually involve installing a new vanity, spa or bath. These items require a measure of skill to install properly. You should conduct an honest assessment and decide whether you are capable of performing that carpentry work or not. The extent of the plumbing work that is needed during the project will also guide you when you are deciding to hire professionals or do the work yourself.

The decision about whether to perform a bathroom renovation on your own should never be taken lightly. It may be better to execute the project in a mixed way (doing some of the work and hiring professionals for some work) so that you do not mess up when you are confronted with a task that is beyond your ability to perform. You may also choose to avoid taking unnecessary risks with this important project by hiring an experienced contractor to perform all the work.