5 Accessories You Must Have In Your Bathroom

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5 Accessories You Must Have In Your Bathroom

26 June 2018
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For many people the bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the entire house. It is where you choose how to present yourself to the world when you leave your house as well as a nice place to unwind after returning home. Because of its varied use as both a place for preparation and relaxation there are many different accessories available for people to buy but there are five bathroom accessories that you may have overlooked that you must have to cover all your simple needs. 

1. Lighting

As aforementioned bathrooms are dual purpose rooms that need to be able to accomodate both needs efficiently. While lighting might seem so basic a need that you don't even consider multiple options in reality proper lighting is essential to the bathroom. You need to have both soft lighting for when you want to relax and harsher, more illuminating lighting when you are preparing for the day. You should even consider getting candles and heaters to really maximise your bathroom experience.

2. Mirrors

A proper mirror set up is important to any bathroom. You want mirrors that are large and have good field of vision of your entire torso. You can consider having a body length mirror but those are usually best placed in a wardrobe. For a bathroom you want a mirror that can take some punishment as they often get quite dirty and you want to be able to clean them easily and without hassle. A best mirror is one that you don't notice at all in that it does its job perfectly and has little maintenance. 

3. Floor Mats

Most bathrooms, as wet rooms, are tiled and because of this will usually have some arrangement of floor mats. While cheap might seem the way to go, investing in a good floor mat is another important purchase that you should consider. You should test that your floor mat is really comfortable but not so difficult to clean that things can get stuck in it. You should also check to see how easily they move around on the floor; an unstable floor mat is a major source of annoyance.

4. Soaps And Hand Towels

While these might seem like two different items, and they are, they should share something very important: uniformity. Having the same type of hand towels and soap throughout different bathrooms across your house gives a nice sense of place and really connects the house as a whole. Make sure if you have allergies that you pick an appropriate soap and your hand towels should be soft and come in a primary colour, not something that draws attention to itself.

5. Fans

Having good ventilation for any bathroom is essential. After long showers and baths your bathroom will no doubt be completely fogged up and if you do not have a good fan then this dampness can begin to seep into the other accessories in the room. Constant wetness is not something that is good for anything in the bathroom and it can lead to mould growth. Plus, it's just not very nice to come into a room that you left forty minutes ago and have it still be completely foggy and wet.