Patio awnings can increase sales in your restaurant

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Patio awnings can increase sales in your restaurant

29 April 2019
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If you own a restaurant, adding an awning is a worthwhile financial investment. You may be able to turn an unused patio into an additional dining space for your guests, but it's not simply about installing the awning and adding some tables/chairs.

The type of awning you choose, as well as its positioning, will be key to driving sales in your business. Here's how a proper and timely awning installation can help you get a return on your investment.

Protect your guests against outdoor weather

The obvious benefit of an awning is that it can help block out the sun and provide shelter against rain or strong winds. To provide a comfortable dining experience, choosing the right awning will be key. A retractable polyester awning is excellent for larger patios that need extra protection. You can also adjust the extent of coverage based on the position of the sun or incoming rain.

In situations where raindrops are coming in at an angle, awning walls are an excellent addition to your patio. A comfortable patio is always an attraction for guests who love to enjoy their meals in an outdoor environment.

Add a logo to advertise your business

Awnings are also a form of advertising. Consider investing in custom fabrics that contain your business logo and branding options. You may also add your contact information (and operating hours) to the awning fabric so that guests can easily learn about your brand.

Awnings are effective advertising channels, as people passing by may be attracted by your message and choose to stop in for a meal. You may also change the awning fabric and message during different periods of the year.

For example, colourful fabrics are an excellent choice for summer weather while calming colours may work better during fall or winter seasons. 

Install a fan or heater to complement the awning

If your business is located in an area where temperatures fluctuate often, installing an awning is the first step towards creating a year-round outdoor space. Once your awning is in place, you may also add a heater or a fan to regulate temperatures.

Most guests will still enjoy their meal outdoors if you create a tolerable environment for them—regardless of the time of year. 

Create a unique theme for your outdoor space

With an awning in place, you can go a step further to create unique dining themes on your patio. You may choose to reserve the area for large dining parties or to add special furniture that fits a specific theme. Your guests will love a new outdoor dining adventure, even at an additional cost.