Lighting Options to Make Your Kitchen Renovation Truly Special

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Lighting Options to Make Your Kitchen Renovation Truly Special

9 October 2019
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The kitchen renovation you do depends on what you want to see, feel and touch in your kitchen. Lighting is among the many ways you can use to refresh the interiors of your kitchen. Lighting isn't just a practical addition, but an aspect that transforms your kitchen space and gives its interior design some creative opportunities. Use the favourite lighting ideas if you want to brighten your kitchen and make it look new each day. Here are lighting ideas that give your kitchen some perfect finishing touches.

Adjustable Track Lights or Spotlights

Do you want to take a no-frill or no-fuss lighting option that adds high-quality finish or style? Just go for track lights or spotlights! Most spotlights and track lights don't need updating, nor do they fall out of fashion. They are timeless, sophisticated and smart, making them an excellent long-term lighting idea for your kitchen. If you choose individual spotlights or track lights, get a kitchen renovation expert to mount them on the ceilings or walls at an angle that allows them to face any direction. You can install about three or four spotlights in a central track of your kitchen to create a stylish, central light feature.

Hidden Lighting

LED-strip lighting is a great hidden-lighting idea when adding style and ambience in your kitchen in a less conspicuous way. Strip lighting is not only easy to cut to any length but also self-adhesive. This means you can place it at the base of your floor cabinets, beneath wall cabinets and inside glass cabinets to add a stylish glow with an invisible source. Strip lighting is a perfect renovation option for people with smaller kitchens and those who want to add mood lighting whenever they have a party at home.

Pendant Lights

Replacing the previous kitchen lights with pendant lights is a great way to make your kitchen stylish. Bear in mind the style and layout of your kitchen before you introduce new lighting to ensure you don't make it less striking. Hang a pendant light as a standalone lamp, or arrange several pendant lights to create a statement feature. Pendant lights are effective in enhancing the look of your kitchen island. Arranging about four pendant lights in a line above the kitchen island creates a stylish focal point. Consult an expert in kitchen renovations to ensure the pendant lights are hung at the same height and they are equally spaced.

The lighting ideas you choose will determine how exceptional the kitchen renovation will be. Lighting transforms a kitchen in a big way, making it a place you always want to spend several hours in with your family. Other great lighting options when renovating your kitchen include kitchen chandeliers, rise and fall lighting, copper collectives, exposed cables and big bulbs.