Benefits of Natural Stone Kitchen Benchtops

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Benefits of Natural Stone Kitchen Benchtops

25 June 2020
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When you're remodelling, the choice of benchtop material is crucial. The counter is where all the cooking and food preparation takes place. Plus, it covers a large area and thus can visually uplift a dull kitchen or beautify a gorgeous design still more. Read on to discover several ways a stone benchtop will enhance your kitchen.

Like A Beautiful Artwork

Beautiful abstract paintings are highly sought after, with their combination of tones, hues and shapes. Rather than buying one for the wall, you can install a natural stone bench—thus spreading an organic piece of abstract art across your countertops. The artist for this piece is nature herself. Stone displays swirls, veins, streaks and patterns of hues such as blue, grey, pink, green, fawn and red, among others. Your counter won't display a monotone colour but will have variations and shadows blended in random and ethereal ways. 

Create Contrast Or Blending With Your Counter

With so many options in rock colours and textures, your counter can play different roles in the kitchen design. It could be the star of the show. For instance, against a neutral backdrop of grey cabinetry and walls, a midnight blue or emerald green counter will stand out. Otherwise, a stone counter could blend in with the context. Imagine a white stone with subtle soft-grey streaks in an all-white kitchen, for example. The abstract organic designs within a rock slab can be subtle or striking. Their particular look depends on how the stone developed over eons and then filled with surrounding water and minerals, each of which imbues the stone with unique colours and streaks.

Presents A Durable Work Surface

Rock develops in nature over thousands of years. Thus, it's already long lasting before appearing in your kitchen. However, you do need to take some care as different varieties are porous to greater and lesser degrees. Marble and travertine can react, etch or stain in response to acidic liquids such as lemon juice or wine, so clean any spills promptly. Granite is a bit tougher, but still take care and use cutting boards to prevent scratches. Soapstone is one of the hardest rock types. By following sealing recommendations, you'll preserve your benchtop to keep it looking its best for many years. 

Natural stone counters bring beautiful organic swathes of colours and patterns into your kitchen. With such variety, you can create different effects with a more striking or subtle rock. So long as you abide by care instructions, your stone kitchen benchtop should last many years and even countless remodels.