Benefits of Faux Timber Laminate Floorboards

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Benefits of Faux Timber Laminate Floorboards

15 October 2020
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One way to create a fresh look when undergoing home renovations is to alter the flooring. If you love the look of timber, but don't want the real thing, you could consider faux-wood laminate planks. Here are several benefits.

Timber Warmth

Laminate floorboards look incredibly realistic. The planks consist of an inner core using MDF or something similar. This is then covered with decorative laminate paper that features photographs of timber, such as oak or walnut. Sophisticated printing techniques give these decorative surfaces the authentic impression of wood. Finally, a plastic covering protects the decorative paper. Thus, you'll enjoy the warm ambience that timber floorboards provide, while not paying for the real thing.

Moisture and Laminate

Laminate planks are either water-resistant or waterproof, thus providing options on where you can install them. If they're water-resistant, the floorboards have some limited ability to withstand moisture damage. If you have a spill on this flooring, you should mop it up promptly rather than allowing liquids it to settle between the floorboards and possibly degrade the sides and underneath of the planks. If laminated flooring is waterproof, then it should be able to withstand even long-standing water. Check with your contractors before you make your choice so you have a clear idea of what to expect and what rooms they'll work within. That way, you'll avoid costly mistakes.

Colour Options

A benefit of laminate flooring is the wide variety of colours on offer which you can match to a room's aesthetic. The planks can mimic the look of grey, whitewashed, blonde, or honey timber. Remember than paler hues will bounce light around the room for a more spacious impression. You'll also be able to pick between plank widths. Wider profiles create a cleaner effect as the flooring displays less frequent joins. 

Easy Installation 

If you have a concrete subfloor or want a quick and easy installation, laminate floorboards are an excellent choice. Often they interlock together and can be placed on top of the existing surface. Thus, contractors don't need to nail, staple, or glue them to the underneath cover. 

No Resanding

While you may forget that the laminate is not real timber, of course, you can't sand it as you can solid wood. For this reason, consider purchasing extra planks during installation, so you can easily replace any should they become damaged in the future.

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