Ways to Bring Your Dream Space to Life When Designing a Custom Kitchen

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Ways to Bring Your Dream Space to Life When Designing a Custom Kitchen

22 January 2021
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While getting the chance to remodel your kitchen is a privilege not many homeowners get to enjoy, the prospect of coming up with the perfect plan for your remodelling contractors to execute can be quite overwhelming. Granted, you could always choose to go with stock kitchen design, which can be a more affordable alternative.

But this space will never feel like it was designed with your needs and style in mind. The key to staying within your budget when opting for custom kitchen design is knowing what to focus on and getting those elements right the first time around. This article outlines ways to bring your dream space to life when designing a custom kitchen.

What problem areas need to be addressed?

A trap that many homeowners fall into is thinking that since they are engaging in kitchen renovations, then they should change out the entire room! The problem with this approach is that you could end up ruining aspects of the space that are already working and do not need to be tampered with. For instance, you may want to move the kitchen sink to another wall simply because you want a change, but this will entail extensive plumbing work that will inflate your budget substantially. So what changes should you make?

The trick to knowing what to focus on is by establishing the problem areas in this room. For some people, this could be a tiny pantry without adequate lighting that makes it hard for them to organise their kitchen as efficiently as they would want. For others, it could be insufficient counter space that causes them to deal with clutter, even when prepping their meals. Whatever your problem areas are, discuss them with your remodelling contractors, and they will come up with a plan to improve them for your custom space.

What luxuries do you want to add?

Once you have discus all the practical changes that need to be made to this room to make it more suited to your needs, you should then establish what luxuries you want to include in your custom kitchen. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to overlook what they consider to be splurges for their kitchen, or their house in general, under the presumption that if they have been utilising the space without these elements before, then they do not need to spend an arm and a leg to acquire them during the remodel.

However, a remodel is precisely the best time to get these perks since you are already spending money on practical inclusions too. A new dishwasher, for example, may seem unnecessary if your old one is in functional condition. But what you are not taking into consideration is that a new dishwasher will be more efficient, which makes this chore less aggravating for you. The same goes with other luxuries such as custom joinery, a new cooker with a larger oven and more.