4 Ways to Tell That You Need a Bathroom Renovation

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4 Ways to Tell That You Need a Bathroom Renovation

23 April 2021
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When designing your bathroom, you typically consider your family size. But with time, the bathroom might become too small or ineffective as you add new members into your home. At this point, a renovation might be necessary. Bathroom renovations allow you to expand the space and add modern features to make it more convenient.

However, many homeowners are not aware that their bathing areas are due for remodelling until they start experiencing plumbing issues due to overuse. Here are some key indicators pointing to the need for a bathroom renovation: 

1. When You Have Cracked Tiles and Peeling Paint

Typically, the bathroom suffers damage faster than any other part of the house due to water and heat. During the installation, a competent contractor will do their best to waterproof the floors and walls. Waterproofing keeps the tiles from contracting and expanding in order to prevent cracking. It also prevents the grout beneath the tiles from accumulating moisture, thus leading to moisture damage.

However, the waterproofing elements do not last forever and will wear out at some point. When that happens, tiles begin to crack while paint peels off. That is a clear indication that your bathroom needs renovation to restore its appeal. 

2. When the Toilets and Faucets Start Leaking

A new bathroom with new fixtures is devoid of leaks and other damage. But as it gets older, the fixtures wear down due to repeated use. Leaking fixtures can create serious problems inside the house because they cause water and mould damage. They also shorten the lifespan of other components in the bathroom, including tiles and paint.

Therefore, it is advisable to hire a remodelling contractor as soon as you notice leaks in your fixtures or toilets. Perhaps they are too old and simply just need to be replaced. 

3. When the Bathroom Starts Having Unusual Smells

Another factor that prompts many people to conduct bathroom renovations is having unusual smells emanating from this area. When you detect a disturbing smell, you'll probably carry out a thorough clean-up and spray an air freshener to rid the bad odour. If that does not work, you could be dealing with a deeper problem. A musty smell means that water is seeping into parts of the building where it shouldn't. It also signals possible rotting and mould damage. Your contractor might recommend a complete bathroom remodelling if the damage is widespread.

4. When It Stops Feeling Great

The bathroom should be a place where you spend time relaxing after a long day at work. If it no longer feels as comfortable and appealing as it used to, it might be time to call a bathroom renovations expert to revamp it. 

When you notice any of the above signs, contact a seasoned remodelling contractor. They will inspect your bathroom and give you some viable options to give it a brand new look. Further, they will prove you with more information regarding your bathroom renovation