What You Can Expect When You Have New House Cladding Installed

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What You Can Expect When You Have New House Cladding Installed

23 March 2022
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New cladding offers your home excellent protection from the weather and the sun's UV rays, but an undertaking like the installation of new cladding may seem like it would be disruptive. It's a whole-house affair, and if you've never been through a cladding installation before, it could have you nervous about what to expect. Because cladding is external, you actually don't have that much to worry about. The work should not be so disruptive as to interrupt your daily life.

You Don't Have to Leave

You won't have to leave your home while the cladding is being installed. You might want to have another place to go during the day just in case the noise is too distracting. But if you're fine with noise, you don't have to leave. And, because the installers will need power, it may help if you're home so you can show them where external outlets are. If you choose to have additional work done, such as window installation, then you'll want to be home to let the installers inside.

Installation May Not Require Removing Anything Other Than Old Cladding

If your home already has a layer of cladding that's deteriorating, you (or the cladding installation company) will have to remove that. But if your home does not have cladding now, you don't have to remove any wood or other materials on the outside of your house. Much of the cladding available can be installed over other materials. The reason you want to remove the old cladding is that, first, you don't want deteriorating product left on there, and second, you want the new cladding to look normal around windows and doors. Having new cladding over old cladding could make windows and doors look a bit sunken.

It Might Take a Few Days

Do be prepared for the work to take a few days. Sometimes the installers need only a couple of days for smaller homes, but for larger ones and for those where the installers are doing additional work, such as window installation, the job can take a week or more. You'll need to get an estimate from the company before the work has started anyway, so you'll get a chance to prepare for however long it takes.

New cladding looks beautiful and doesn't take long to install. Arrange to meet with companies and get estimates for your home. You'll be able to enjoy the fresh, clean look of new cladding very soon.

For more information on house cladding installation, contact a company near you.