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Hi, I'm Veronica, and welcome to my blog. I first realised my home was no longer suitable for us when I went to a friend's house for dinner and she finished cooking a whole hour quicker than I would have! My house was great when my husband and I were the only inhabitants, but it just didn't work for a family with three kids. Luckily, our next door neighbour, Toby, was a remodeling contractor. Toby taught us so much about home remodeling and eventually renovated most of the rooms in our house so they were fit for our family. I'm eternally grateful for the information Toby shared with me, so now I'm passing on the good deed by posting the advice here for you.


5 Accessories You Must Have In Your Bathroom

26 June 2018
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For many people the bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the entire house. It is where you choose how to present yourself to the world when you leave your house as well as a nice place to unwind after returning home. Because of its varied use as both a place for preparation and relaxation there are many different accessories available for people to buy but there are five bathroom accessories that you may have overlooked that you must have to cover all your simple needs. Read More …