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Hi, I'm Veronica, and welcome to my blog. I first realised my home was no longer suitable for us when I went to a friend's house for dinner and she finished cooking a whole hour quicker than I would have! My house was great when my husband and I were the only inhabitants, but it just didn't work for a family with three kids. Luckily, our next door neighbour, Toby, was a remodeling contractor. Toby taught us so much about home remodeling and eventually renovated most of the rooms in our house so they were fit for our family. I'm eternally grateful for the information Toby shared with me, so now I'm passing on the good deed by posting the advice here for you.


Lighting Options to Make Your Kitchen Renovation Truly Special

9 October 2019
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The kitchen renovation you do depends on what you want to see, feel and touch in your kitchen. Lighting is among the many ways you can use to refresh the interiors of your kitchen. Lighting isn't just a practical addition, but an aspect that transforms your kitchen space and gives its interior design some creative opportunities. Use the favourite lighting ideas if you want to brighten your kitchen and make it look new each day. Read More …

Tips On Using A Neutral Colour Scheme In Your New Kitchen

13 August 2019
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Being central to everyday life, a kitchen needs to provide a relaxing, calming space in which to socialise and cook. To create this effect, you might be planning on a neutral colour palate. To prevent a bland and boring design, follow these tips. Combine Different Shades One way to inject excitement is with contrasting light and dark shades. For instance, juxtapose a white countertop against dark-chocolate cabinetry in a room with pale mocha walls. Read More …

Patio awnings can increase sales in your restaurant

29 April 2019
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If you own a restaurant, adding an awning is a worthwhile financial investment. You may be able to turn an unused patio into an additional dining space for your guests, but it's not simply about installing the awning and adding some tables/chairs. The type of awning you choose, as well as its positioning, will be key to driving sales in your business. Here's how a proper and timely awning installation can help you get a return on your investment. Read More …